Where are your paints made?

Our paints are manufactured in the US, in California.

Do your paints stain?

We did a comparison between GLOB and "washable" paints and the results were about the same. Both left slight staining with certain colors, but washed out fairly well.

GLOB paints are made from fruits and veggies, so you might expect the same type of subtle stain from spilled juice. We always recommend wearing painting clothes, so you can glob it on worry-free.

How long do the paints last once mixed?

Glob paints are best if used fresh. We recommend that you use only as much pigment powders as needed for one painting session. However, the paint should be able to keep for weeks or even months, but the color wet will become less vibrant over time. So again, fresh is best!

Can you eat them?

Our paints are not intended for consumption. While the ingredients are food and cosmetic-grade, the colors are concentrated and have a gum arabic base, which isn't very tasty.

Can I use GLOB as face paint?

Our paints are similar to watercolors, and do not cover the skin like a face paint. The colors, such as beets, will slightly stain the skin.

How can I thicken the paint?

To thicken Glob paint, add a little starch (corn, arrowroot powder) or a non-gluten flour. Regular wheat flour doesn't mix thoroughly.

Will the colors fade?

Like other arts and crafts-grade paints, GLOB colors can fade over time with exposure to direct UV light.

While we chose the most lightfast, non-toxic, botanical pigments we could find, GLOB paints are not archival quality, and are not recommended for professional artists.

GLOB paints are similar to a watercolor. The pigments are best used to color your globjets d'art, such as painting on paper, collage, wood stain, play dough, paper-mache and more...

If you believe you or your child is the next Picasso or Jackson Pollock, you may want to try another, professional paint with questionable toxicity.

Can I dye my clothes?

No, GLOB pigments are water-soluble painting pigments, not clothing dyes. Dyes require a mordant to set the color to the fabric, many of which are toxic.

Can I paint my walls with GLOB?

GLOB performs like a transparent watercolor, not a wall paint with opaque coverage.

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