Harvest Watercolor Ornaments December 19 2014

Looking for a fun, creative, and eco-friendly ornament project with the kids?

Try using Glob's Harvest Watercolor Prints with Glob's paints to make DIY cut out ornaments for the Holidays or decoration any time of the year!


What you need

  • Glob's Watercolor Prints
  • Glob Paints
  • Bamboo Brushes
  • DIY Ornaments

  • Paint it

    Paint the fruit and veggie prints.

    Enjoy Glob's natural aromas while you mix & paint. 

    Let the paper dry completely.

    DIY Ornaments 


    Cut & Decorate

    When dry, cut out the harvest shapes. Punch a hole in the top, cut some festive string and loop through the hole.

    Hang on your Christmas tree, around a window, frame, or from the wall!

    DIY Ornaments

    We wish you a Happy Globiday!