6 Easy Face Paint Designs for Halloween October 20 2014

Bat Halloween Face Paint

Kids love face painting, and this Halloween we've got you covered with Glob's all-natural face paints!  

Here are 6 face painting designs that are easy and look great too.

Just follow these 3 basic tips on how to make your costume come to life this Halloween.

1. Outline with a brush and paint the outer shape. 
2. Fill in shapes with colors using a cosmetic sponge. Blend colors for softer a effect.
3. Define lines with black or a darker color, outlining shapes with a fine tip brush. For fine lines, wet brush lightly before applying. 
Bat Halloween Face Paint
Bat eyes
Pirate Halloween Face Paint
Shark Halloween Face Paint
Butterfly Halloween Face Paint
Spider Man Halloween Face Paint
Spider Man
Ballerina Halloween Face Paint