7 Steps to a Watercolor Banner—A DIY August 07 2014

These days there are endless reasons to make a bunting banner: children’s room decor, birthday celebrations, holidays, or even a summer time art party. We are thrilled to share with you today a simple and easy DIY to create your very own custom watercolor banner using Glob paints!



Do It Yourself

1. Begin by cutting the shape of your banner. We made a simple rectangle and cut an inverted V shape to create the banner design on the bottom. Once one was made, it was easy to trace for the rest!  
2. Apply the masking fluid. Keep in mind it will be very thin and once dry is difficult to clean from your brush. Whatever shape or design you desire, use the brush to decorate your paper banner. Remember: the paint will not stick to the masking fluid. We did a different design for each banner.

3. Let it dry. I can’t say this enough: the masking fluid must be dry before applying paint. Depending on the complexity of your design it shouldn’t take too long. The fluid will feel a bit sticky to the touch when it is ready for paint, but you shouldn’t be able to ‘move it’ with your fingers. It might even begin to take on a yellowish tone, instead of pure white.

4. Paint. Time to paint! Using Glob’s natural paints, which have a watercolor consistency, you have the ability to strengthen the tone of your color by the amount of powder you pour into your paint cup. For a softer, more pastel look simply use more water; for a deeper color, add less water. You will paint directly over the mask.
5. Dry, again. Equally important is letting this step dry. You want your watercolor to be completely dry before moving onto step 6.
6. Remove mask! This is the fun part. Once your paint is dry, you will take the eraser and gently begin to erase, push away at one edge of the now dried, masking fluid. You’ll notice it begin to lift. Simply use your fingers now to pull the gummy, dry fluid off your paper. Voila!   
7. Prepare to hang. Once your banner pieces are complete and decorated, you’ll want to punch holes in the top edges and insert twine or ribbon for hanging. You’re now ready to display your banner!

Just seven simple steps to a beautiful, custom, watercolor banner! How will you display yours?