A Summer Art Party with Glob July 02 2014

Natural, Eco-Friendly Summer Art Party & Face Paint Party
Summer is upon us! Gone are the days of homework and lunch boxes, early wake up calls and school buses. As the days grow longer, we are often looking for opportunities to involve our children in creative activity. Time to turn off the TV and get messy!

Throwing a Summer Art Party is the perfect way to get together with friends, and encourage your children to use their imaginations.

What Will You Need? 


We love using Paperless Post. Not only can you create beautiful invitations and cards to send digitally, but there is a print-ready option as well.



Glob Eco-Friendly Paint Party


Invite a handful of friends for your backyard art party. Offer them each an apron upon arrival and assure them they’ll have an amazing time.


DIY Eco-Friendly Art Party



This Summer Art Party used Glob natural paints and face paints, along with bamboo brushes on hand for our crafting projects. The benefit to using Glob products is they are sourced from natural, recyclable, and biodegradable materials. Even better, Glob paints are made with natural ingredients and organic extracts. The kids loved sniffing the variety of paints as they smell just like their delicious sources (such as tangerine and pomegranate).


Time to Party!


DIY Party Name Tags Eco-Friendly

Name Tag Station

As the children arrived and were handed an apron, they immediately went to the Name Tag Station to choose a name tag, and write their name on it.

The name tags were made of small rectangles of water color paper, the edges painted with Glob paints, and adhered to their aprons using a simple clothes pin.



Face Painting Station

Next they were off to the Face Painting Station. Parents were on hand with Glob’s face paint, and the kids were able to chose their design! Some of the children chose to paint one another. Allowing them to explore their own creativity was the highlight of the day!

Natural Face Paint PartyNatural Face Paint PartyNatural Face Paint Party 

Natural Face Paint Party


Paint a Frame Station

As they finished having their faces painted, the guests moved along to the project station, where they were able to paint a photo frame to take home with them. The frames were made of unfinished wood (allowing for Glob paints to act almost as a stain, creating lovely tones!). 

 DIY Eco-Friendly Art Party 

 DIY Eco-Friendly Art Party


Get Your Favor! Station

Before heading home, the children stopped by one last table, the Favor Station! Glob offers their natural paints in packs of 6, which make for great party favors! Guests were able to take home a small bucket with a variety of Glob colors for use at home.

 Natural Eco-Friendly Party Favors Glob Paints 

The Summer Art Party was a big hit! Both the children and parents enjoyed an afternoon of creative play. Do you plan to throw a Summer Art Party as well?