Cabin Fever? Fun Ways to Entertain the Kids Inside During Winter February 15 2014

By: Ashley Phelps Founder: Glob Colors, for Abe's Market "The Scoop" February 11th, 2014 



When temperatures drop, playtime can be more challenging. If the obvious indoor activities (board games, movies, baking) fail to cure the familiar refrain, "We're bored," turn to one of these fun, eco-friendly activities to keep everyone happy, healthy and sane (especially you).


Create Your Own "World Championships"

Burn off that crazy kid energy by creating a do-it-yourself athletic venue with colorful Japanese Washi masking tape. Turn your living floor into a stadium complete with a running track and a long jump area, or into a gymnastics arena with an on-the-floor balance beam and a floor exercise area. If you have hardwood floors, try making a speed skating track (put the kids in organic cotton socks and let them glide). And don’t forget the awards ceremony with aluminum foil or organic cookie medals!

Make Your Own Springtime
Coax the warmer weather out of hiding by creating your own springtime! Gather up old paper shopping bags, used notebook paper or leftover tissue paper from the holiday season, add non-toxic paint (choose a botanically based paint, which even smells like plants and flowers) and make your own daffodils, roses and tulips. "Plant" your creations on the living room floor or bring a bouquet to family and friends. Younger kids can create flowers on a "magic paint board": Pour non-toxic finger paints onto a baking sheet and let your child draw, erase, then re-draw flowers and other designs.

Have an Indoor Camp Out
Pitch a tent (or build one out of a throw blanket and furniture), pull out the sleeping bags and roast all-natural marshmallows over a pretend fire. Instead of telling ghost stories, consider pulling out the family photo album and sharing "bet-you-didn’t-know" stories about grandparents, distant cousins, etc. Bonus points for streaming animal noises (think crickets or coyotes) over your home sound system!

Build a "Repurposed Items" Tower
Winter is tough for so many reasons, but it's especially rough on those who don't have enough. Help your kids learn about giving back and reducing waste by helping them sort through their own toys, clothes, books, etc., and select items that someone else might need more than they do. For kids who have trouble parting with things, it can be helpful for them to try and visualize how happy another child would be to receive something he or she otherwise wouldn't have. Once the items are selected, have your kids build a tower with their soon-to-be-donated treasures. Whoever builds the tallest pile wins! Once prizes are awarded, head to your chosen charity and donate the items in person.

Do you have a creative indoor play idea? Let us know!